Custom Themes

In a highly saturated online marketplace, it is critical that e-commerce sites offer their visitors a seamless experience that stands out from their competitors. With so many cookie cutter online stores in existence, having a custom look can provide the edge you need to grab your prospect’s attention.

Our custom-built online storefronts are clean, responsive, engaging, and secure providing a superior customer experience that converts prospects and drives sales.

SEO Friendly

Having a beautiful online storefront does not help you much unless people can find it. With the ever-changing algorithms of major search engines like Google and Bing, it’s difficult for the online business owner to stay ahead of the SEO curve.

Our team specializes in SEO optimized sites and storefronts and makes it a top priority to stay on top of current web trends and changes in SEO requirements. Our custom-built stores are liquid fast, content-rich, analytics enabled, and come loaded with key SEO friendly features that ensure you will get indexed by top search engines.

Reliable Hosting

At Truth, we make it a top priority to ensure our client’s e-commerce sites are always up and running efficiently. This is why we only utilize high-performance servers that offer the latest server technologies and unparalleled speed and reliability.


Our custom-built stores integrate with all the leading payment processors including Stripe, Authorize, PayPal, Amazon, and more. Consequently, you’ll never have to worry again about losing out on a customer who’s ready and willing to purchase your products.


Your security and your customer’s security are a top priority with Truth Web Design. Rest assured that our stores are all Level-1 PCI and GDPR compliant offering all the latest and most advanced security features such as layered security, SSL encryption, protection against DDoS targets, and frequent auditing.

The Creative Process